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What causes a system to go into safe mode?

This sometimes occurs when, for one reason or another, Windows has trouble loading certain little snippets of code called 'drivers'. But the most common cause of this problem, especially in a school environment, is that machine was not properly shut down. That is, it was powered off while still in Windows. The proper way to shut down is to use the Start button and go to 'ShutDown'.

Why is my monitor completely black? There is no image at all.

There are a number of things that can cause this problem. Barring a faulty monitor, bad video card, defective memory...all of which are possible, though less are a few tips.

  • Check the small indicator lamp (LED) on the front of the monitor. Is it off? If so, the monitor may be turned off. Press the power button to check it. The power cable may also be loose or disconnected. Make sure it's tightly plugged in on both ends. If the power cable is plugged into a power strip or surge suppressor, make sure that is turned on as well.
  • If the LED is on and amber-colored, the monitor itself is on but may not be receiving signal from the computer. This could be because the computer itself is not turned on. Or it could be that the thick cable that goes from the back of the monitor to the back of the computer is loose. Tighten carefully if loose.
  • If the LED is on and green-colored (which is normal) and you are getting no picture, the buttons on the monitor used to adjust settings may be misadjusted so you see no image. Check the settings.

What does the error message "Non-system disk or disk error. Replace and strike any key when ready." mean?

This error most often occurs when the user inadvertently left a data (i.e. non-bootable) floppy diskette in the floppy drive. Eject the diskette and reboot your computer.

I can't log in to the network...the Novell login screen never comes up.

There can be lots of different reasons why you may not be able to connect to the network...sometimes it's a hardware-based problem, sometimes it's software. One possibility is that the patch cable may have become dislodged. The patch cable is the short length of cable that connects your computer to a network jack (either a wall outlet or a multiport hub). Power down your computer, and reseat your patch cable connectors on BOTH ends by disconnecting one end and plugging it back in, and then do the same on the other end.

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