The Electrical Program
at Franklin County Tech gives students what they need to enter the lucrative and competative job market as an electrician.
Our Students
are trained to install, connect, test, and maintain electrical systems for many purposes.
Our Instructors
provide training to prepare electricians in residential, commercial and industrial fields.
The Electrical Program program teaches students to work with electricity in a safe manner to provide entry-level skills into a number of career opportunities. The course covers installation and maintenance of equipment for light, heat, and power with emphasis on construction, HVAC, and programmable logic controllers.

"Electricity is essential for light, power, air-conditioning, and refrigeration."

About the Electrical Program

Our Instructors

The Electrical Program Instructors, William Gallant and Todd Weed, are developing a top quality program that is current with the needs of the business community, driven to best serve the educational experience of students, and guided by the Massachusetts frameworks.

Our instructors are excited about integrating green technologies into the curriculum, including photo voltaic installation, renewable energy and conservation, and are excited to be at FCTS and with such an enthusiasm staff, administration and students interested in a vocational education.


The Electrical Program at Franklin County Technical School is an approved chapter 74 comprehensive program designed to expose students to the diverse electrical field. The program consists of residential, commercial, and industrial wiring practices with a strong emphasis on electrical safety.

The Electrical Program develops student skills for eventual entry-level career opportunities upon graduation. Safety is of paramount importance and students begin their training with a strong foundation of safety measures and build upon those critical skills for the entire time in the electrical program.

Students learn installation and maintenance of equipment for light, heat, and power with a emphasis on construction. Mathematical and scientific principles are stressed to develop understanding of electrical circuits and theories. Additionally, Massachusetts Electrical Code, blueprinting reading, schematic and wiring diagrams and determining cost estimates are all part of the program.

With the importance of "Green Technologies" in construction and energy consumption, the FCTS electrical program has become heavily involved in the introduction of photovoltaic (solar) technologies. Along with the traditional skills necessary for success in the electrical field, keeping up with emerging technologies provides the graduates of the electrical program the skills needed in the changing electrical field.


The residential portion of this program consists of electrical safety, hand tool usage, ladder safety, and basic circuitry. The residential program expands to include house wiring, electrical service, and photo-voltaic systems. The program uses different off-campus projects such as a house in which the students wire for light, heat, appliances, communications, and alarm systems.

Electrical Customer Work: FCTS, as the regional vocational high school of Franklin County, does so more than teach in a lab classroom and simulation environment. Trade programs have large shops filled with the same tools and technologies used by those men and women working in the trades. As a true extension of the classroom, authentic electrical projects are critically important to the learning environment. FCTS facility projects, along with projects for municipal and non-profit groups, offer hands-on learning to the students. Real world projects truly provide the students with an opportunity to apply what they have learned. Our students thrive on authentic work! You can demonstrate and practice a skill - like bending conduit or wiring projectors and AV lines, but there is nothing like using those skills for real, under the direction of your instructor who now acts as your field supervisor.

Requests for FCTS electrical work must provide educational value to the students and must align with the curriculum. If you are a municipal group or non-profit organization, you can contact Jocelyn Croft, Director of Vocational Instruction, to find out more about FCTS electrical work (this applies to our other shop areas as well.)

Electrical Program Instructors

William Gallant
William Gallant Technical Instructor

William (Bill) Gallant is a 1981 graduate of Franklin County Technical School. Mr. Gallant was an electrical student at FCTS and went on to a successful career as an electrician. In 2000 Mr. Gallant returned to FCTS, where he focuses student education on the residential aspects of the electrical fields. Students get the benefits of a vocationally trained, experienced, licensed electrician and licensed instructor with enthusiasm for his trade.

Todd Weed
Todd Weed Technical Instructor

Todd Weed is a Master Electrician with over 34 years of experience in the electrical trade and 22 years as a vocational educator. Todd brings extensive experience to the wrestling team coaching staff as well as being instrumental in the development of both the aviation club and motorcycle club. Mr. Weed guides the juniors and seniors in community based projects and serves as assistant cooperative education coordinator.

"Engaging the public by using technology more effectively, promoting the conditions for innovation and entrepreneurship, and empowering consumers, are critical goals of the technology age."

About the Program

Freshman Exploratory Gallery

Academic Skills Required in the Electrical Program Trade

  • o    Math (basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry)
  • o    Science
  • o    Technical reading
  • o    Writing
  • o    People skills
  • o    Strong work ethic
Career Opportunities

Future Career Opportunities in Electrical Program

  • o    Licensed Journeyman Electrician
  • o    Licensed Master Electrician
  • o    Electrical Sales
  • o    Electrical Shop Instructor
  • o    Photovoltaic Systems Installer
  • o    Low Voltage Systems Installer
  • o    Utility Company Worker
  • o    Manufacturing Electical Specialist

Possible pay that may be expected

Ranges from $8 to $10 per hour on leaving school, $16 to $20 per hour once a license is obtained, and $20 to $30 per hour for a seasoned electrician.

These figures are speculative

And may be more or less, depending on a number of variables including, but not limited to, knowledge, experience, location, and the state of the economy.

State Requirements

The State requires apprentices to accumulate 8000 hours of work experience and 600 hours of classroom time to qualify yourself to sit for a journeyman written and practical exam. You must pass both with at least a 70%.

"Electrical students learn and use the Massachusetts Electrical Code, blueprint reading, schematic and wiring diagram, layouts, and cost estimates."

Electrical Program News

Electrical Gallery

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