The Cosmetology Program
at Franklin County Tech

helps prepare students for the state exams that they must pass in order to work as stylists.

Hours spent

in the FCTS Cosmetology are applied towards the 1,000 hours necessary for licensure. (100 for nail technicians).

Most Cosmetology Students

graduate from FCTS
with many hours already obtained.

Students in the Cosmetology Program learn all facets of cosmetology
including hair styling, cutting, setting techniques, hair coloring, facial treatments

"It is nice to have two jobs I love. I am lucky and fortunate to have such opportunities!"

About Cosmetology

Our Instructors

The Cosmetology Instructors, Lynn Wiles and Electra Manley, are developing a top quality program that is current with the needs of the business community, driven to best serve the educational experience of students, and guided by the Massachusetts frameworks.


The Cosmetology Program prepares students for the Massachusetts State Board of Registration of Cosmetologists examination. A good deal of course content stresses sanitation and hygiene. Students learn all facets of treatment, including hair styling, cutting, setting techniques, hair coloring, facial treatments, manicuring and artificial nail application, wig care and service, hair straightening, permanent waving and shampooing. Students gain knowledge in the areas of anatomy, physiology, and chemistry as well as interpersonal relations as they relate to cosmetology. Training is also provided in shop and business procedure to prepare students who plan eventually to operate their own business. Students who complete this program and pass the license examination can become cosmetologists, estheticians, hair colorists, nail technicians and eventually salon owners. There are also many retail positions related to this trade available in most areas.


The cosmetology curriculum follows the same state requirements for the preparation for state cosmetology licensure. Hours spent in the FCTS Cosmetology are applied towards the 1,000 hours necessary for licensure. (100 for nail technicians). Most cosmetology students graduate from FCTS with many hours already obtained. The program provides hours of experience for the students and an associated curriculum that helps prepare students for the state board tests they will also need to take and pass.

Cosmetology Customer Work

Requests for FCTS community cosmology student activities must provide educational value to the students and must align with the curriculum. If you are a municipal group or non-profit organization, you can contact Jocelyn Croft, Director of Vocational Curriculum & Instruction, to find out more about FCTS cosmetology activities (this applies to our other shop areas as well.)


Cosmetology Instructors

Lynn Wiles
Lynn Wiles Technical Instructor

Lynn came to FCTS with 30 years of experience in the field of cosmetology. Lynn is the owner and manager of her own salon, Lynn Wiles & Co. in Florence. While this sounds like a lot to manage - teaching in the school and managing a salon, Lynn stated, "It is nice to have two jobs I love. I am lucky and fortunate to have such opportunities!"
Lynn is a licensed Cosmetologist, Registered Instructor, Licensed Vocational Educator and has received advanced training in Farouk Systems.

Electra Manley
Electra Manley Technical Instructor

Electra was teaching at a private hair school in New York before coming to FCTS. She has the knowledge and creative skills to enhance, inspire and connect with students and clients. She has works as a stylist, salon manager and Learning Leader, at Salons throughout Connecticut, New York ans Massachusetts, providing instruction and performing all aspects of hair design for over 30 years.
Electra is a registered Cosmetology Instructor wich certification in Master Color Education from Bologna, Italy.

"Students are receiving the same training they would pay for in a private cosmetology school at a cost of $20,000."

About the Cosmetology Program

Freshman Exploratory Gallery

Skills Required for Success in the Cosmetology Trade

  • o    Artistic and creative ability
  • o    Ability to work well with people
  • o    Ability to visualize and understand shapes and forms
  • o    Good communication skills
  • o    Aesthetician: 300 Esthetics School Hrs
  • o    Cosmetologist/Hairdresser: 1000 School Hrs
  • o    Electrologist: 1100 Electrolysis Training Hrs
  • o    Manicurist: 100 School Hrs
Career Opportunities

Future Career Opportunities in Cosmetology

  • o    Cosmetologist
  • o    Publishing
  • o    Salon Owner
  • o    Make-up Artist
  • o    Skin Care Specialist
  • o    Nail Technician
  • o    Education Specialist
  • o    Cosmetic Chemist
  • o    Hair Colorist
  • o    Retail Specialist

Performance Criterion:

1.     Appearance professional at all times. Hair styled, apparel neat and clean. No inappropriate clothing.
2.     Speak professionally in a friendly manner to fellow students and clients. Proper English, No inappropriate language.
3.     Sanitize equipment, materials used and station before and after services.
4.     Have fun and be creative.

Grading Policy

Students are graded in the following categories:

  o    Practical work 30%
  o    Homework 20%
  o    Tests 20%
  o    Professionalism 15%
  o    Class participation 10%
  o    Creativity 5%

Freshman Overview

This course will cover health and safety practices that apply to specific tasks and jobs in Cosmetology. Basic technical skills, as well as embedded academics will be a main part of the program.

"Cosmetologists are often the initiators of style and change."

Cosmetology News

Beauty School Battles!

In 2013 the Franklin Tech Cosmetology program conducted the idea of a competition between various cosmetology schools around the area. In the competition, the students from each school will pay to enter a manikin that has a complete make-over and hair-do. At the competition a board of judges gets to decide which three students place, and win a cash prize. A sophomore (now a senior) named Hailey Perkins-McCraw came up with the name Beauty School Battles. And so in 2014 the first battle began!

The first year Franklin Tech welcomed Pathfinder Vocational School from Palmer, and McCann Tech from North Adams. Now, two years later for our third competition, Pathfinder is hosting the Battle.

Our plan for the future is to have as many Technical and Vocational schools in Massachusetts competing as possible. We wish for this to become a popular, fun, talked about event that all students look forward to every year!

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Cosmetology Grand Re-Opening!

After months of renovation, the Techniques Salon hosted a Grand Re-Opening. Instructors, Lynn Lentz and Bessie Coutu were accompanied by many students the evening of the grand re-opening. A new color scheme, new sinks, new salon chairs, a new floor and many other sparkling changes were proudly shown-off. While there is still some more work to complete, the salon is now open to the public.

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"It's important to get to know your clients, their likes and dislikes, and you work with that, finding styles that enhance aspects of their personality."

Cosmetology Videos

American Graduate: Franklin County Tech | Connecting Point | Dec. 17, 2014

Connecting Point contributor Carolee McGrath profiles a technical school in Franklin County that’s helping kids find what they’re passionate about and turning that into a career after graduation. We profile the machine technology department that’s placing grads into high paying jobs. Many of these students have continued on to college pursuing engineering degrees — but they admit they might not have stayed in school if wasn’t for the hands education they received.

Promotional Video for FCTS

A commercial spot created by Graduate Adam Jaillet for his Senior Capstone project. "Soar with the eagles today..."