The Automotive Technology Program
at Franklin County Tech teaches a high level of understanding in the science and technology that goes into the modern, sophisticated automobile.
Our Students
spend time in the classroom and then apply what they've learned to actual shop projects.
Our facilitiesinclude
modern tools and diagnostic equipment in step with many of today's successful shops.
Students in the Auto Technology program gain experience with all phases of automobile maintainence and repair. Engine tune-up, tire changing, brake repair, front-end service, lubrication, clutch repair, transmission maintenance and repair, driveline service, electrical system analysis, and engine repair are emphasized.

"Real world projects truly provide the students with an opportunity to apply what they have learned."

About Auto Technology

Our Instructors

Our two Auto Tech instructors, John Fortin and Robert Kubosiak, are always busy with students - under the hoods of cars and trucks, supervising computerized diagnostics, monitoring for safety, providing guidance to students doing complex repair work. It is a big responsibility, and the instructors are proud of the many students who have gone on to successful automotive technology careers over the years.


The Automotive Technology Program focuses on all phases of automobile maintenance and repair. Initial experiences begin with preventative maintenance. Emphasis is placed on engine tune-up, brake repair, complete front-end service, and engine repair. Additionally, the program strives to develop strong diagnostic abilities in the students. As skills are developed, students progress to "live" work on customer vehicles. The goal of the program is to expose students to the complete automotive field and provide them with skills to work as qualified apprentices. The curriculum is based on the ASE/NATEF standards, the industry's benchmark.


FCTS, as the regional vocational high school of Franklin County, does so much more than teach in a lab classroom and simulation environment. Trade programs have large shops filled with the same tools and technologies used by those men and women working in the trades. As a true extension of the classroom, authentic automotive projects are critically important to the learning environment. Occasional projects from municipal and non-profit groups offer hands-on learning to the students. Real world projects truly provide the students with an opportunity to apply what they have learned. Our students thrive on authentic work!

Automotive Technology Customer Work

The Auto Technology program does take on outside customer work. The instructors will determine if a repair job aligns with the curriculum and will benefit the learning experience. Not all vehicles or repair work will fit in with the instruction at hand, so a call needs to be made to the shop to determine if your private auto repair needs are appropriate for student work.

Auto Technology Instructors

John Fortin
John Fortin Technical Instructor
Short bio to come.
Steve Miss
Steve Miss Technical Instructor
Short bio to come.

"There is a great demand for qualified auto technicians in service stations, small repair shops and new car dealerships."

About the Program

Skills required

Skills Required for Success in the Auto Technology Trade

  • o    Ability to use changing technology.
  • o    Ability to read and follow directions.
  • o    Good oral and written communication skills.
  • o    Ability to work alone or with people in a team.
  • o    Must be considerate, honest, and dependable.
Career Opportunities

Future Career Opportunities in Auto Technology

  • o    Automotive Service Technician
  • o    Automotive Mechanic
  • o    Engine Performance Specialist
  • o    Recreational Vehicle Mechanic
  • o    Brake Specialist
  • o    Heating and AC Specialist
  • o    Chassis and Suspension Specialist
  • o    Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Specialist
Grading Policy

Grading Policy

In order to calculate grade point average (GPA), each course will be awarded a rating based on the number of periods a class/shop is in session, the credit assigned to the shop and whether the course is required to meet graduation requirements as mandated under the Massachusetts Education Reform Law. Grading systems are developed by individual departments and instructors and vary in context and content. Instructors are given the flexibility to develop grading systems and standards, based on their expectations and department guidelines.

Coop Opportunities

Coop Oportunities

Cooperative education work placement offers students an additional learning dimension to their educational experience and is designed to expand their knowledge and skills through a work place experience in the business community. This supervised, instructional experience is directly related to their career & vocational technical program, and carries school credit. Students are evaluated by their employer and the CTE coordinators, using a work-based learning plan with clear learning goals with the vocational technical teachers, the employer, and the student.

"Our program can open doors to numerous opportunities for higher skills jobs, income, and continued personal and professional growth. "

Automotive Technology News

New Coupon!

The Automotive Technology Department is offering a special deal for the month of March: the Pothole Special! This deal includes:

  • o    Checking Caster & Camber
  • o    Inspecting Steering Linkage
  • o    Checking & Adjusting Tire Air Pressure
  • o    Inspecting Shock Absorbers/Struts & Suspension
  • o    Adjusting Toe-In Front & Rear To Factory Inspection
  • o    Rotating & Balance of Tires
  • o    Inspecting Tires
  • o    Road Testing Vehicle


Vehicle Donations Sought!

The Franklin County Tech School Automotive Technology department is looking for donations of cars and trucks to be used as training aids for the students. We ask that the engine runs and that the vehicle is movable, no wrecks please. All donations are tax deductible and all necessary forms are available at the FCTS business office. Your vehicle value can be found by clicking the button below. Removal of your vehicle can be arranged by the Tech school. All vehicles will be recycled when discarded. Thank you for your support!

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"The program’s goal is to produce work-ready graduates who can enter the industry as in repair facilities or factory dealerships upon graduation."

Automotive Technology Videos

Should you become an Automotive Technician?

Eric the Car Guy discusses the reality of working as an Automotive Technician. If you are considering a career in auto repair, consider diesel and fleet work, you might do quite well here.

Choosing an Automotive School

Eric the Car Guy discusses how to choose a trade school. FCTS is a clear foundational hands-on choice! The curriculum is based on the ASE/NATEF standards, the industry's benchmark.