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Carl Beane, The Voice of Fenway Park
Speaks to Students at FCTS!

Students and sports loving teachers got a real treat when Carl Beane came to speak about his life and love of Boston sports.
Not only did Mr. Beane come filled with wonderful stories, he brought with him a treasure chest of memorabilia to show students.

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Students listen intentely to Carl Beane and his colorful stories about his years with the most famous of baseball players - and those in other sports as well.
Students try out a bat used by Ken Griffey Jr.,
wear Manny Ramirez's hat and Ken Lyons holds a replica Babe Ruth bat.

While students who are sports lovers knew the names and significance of historic players, some students
were hearing grand stories of players who truly changed baseball. The bat used by Jackie Robinson followed a touching and somber story
of the man who opened baseball to people of color. Ted Williams hat and Don Mattingly's bat were shared in the audience.

We are not sure whose hat JoAnn is wearing, but Nomar Garciaparra's bat (center) and Ted William's bat were great to see and admire.

Carl Beane has been to a number of schools sharing his love of sports and the athletes he has met,
all with the intention of providing young students the opportunity to glimpse sports history first hand.

Thank you Carl for your wonderful presentation!