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Superintendents Award

Trevor Blake, a student in the electrical program at Franklin County Technical School was among eight of the best and brightest high school seniors in the Franklin County area to be awarded the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents’ Certificate of Academic Excellence.

The awards were given out after a dinner honoring the students at FCTS, which included invited guests such as parents, guardians, family members, teachers and school superintendents from the region. The Certificate of Academic Excellence is given to students who have distinguished themselves in the pursuit of high academic standards throughout their high school careers.

In introducing Blake, FCTS Superintendent James M. Laverty said all who know him are “impressed by his commitment to learning, his keen intellect, his sense of responsibility and most importantly his sense of humor.”

Superintendents Award

Blake excels in both his academic and vocational programs at the school and is in the running to be the class valedictorian. He is co-captain of the golf team and shared the number one spot. Blake is also a leader in the FCTS SkillsUSA organization and National Honor Society.

Laverty read a number of testimonials from faculty and administrators who know Blake well, including Raye Young, golf coach and SkillsUSA advisor who said, “Trevor is the person you can go to and count on to complete any task given to him. He is the exemplar for behavior and professionalism.”

Principal Richard J. Martin described Blake as an outstanding student, “not only in his academic and vocational areas, but more importantly as a young man with strong character.”

According to Bryna Diamond, Blake’s math and digital electronics teacher, he “demonstrates a strong work ethic and high level of performance. He works very hard in challenging classes, but his competence and confidence never get in the way of his willingness to help other students think through their projects.”

Electrical instructor Todd Weed emphasized that “whatever he undertakes, Trevor sets himself above the common man.”

Superintendents Award

Blake has been involved in the FCTS cooperative education program since January of his junior year, working for Barnhardt Manufacturing in Colrain where he provides electrical maintenance for the machine shop equipment. His employer is as impressed with Blake as are the faculty and administrators at the school.

“Trevor is a pleasure to have working here,” said James Lesieur, his supervisor at Barnhardt Manufacturing. “He’s polite, has a great work ethic, and his eagerness to learn will bring him far. He will be a great electrician. I would like to push him to become an engineer, he’s that good.”

Outside of school, Blake likes to restore antique tractors and trucks. He is currently restoring a 1935 Farmall F12 tractor, and recently got the engine running and is now in the process of taking the body apart to recondition it.

Other winners of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents’ Certificate of Academic Excellence are:

  • Benjamin Potee – Pioneer Valley Regional School
  • Parker Brown – Greenfield High School
  • Aleksander Solecki – Frontier Regional School
  • Krystal Kilhart – Athol High School
  • Trenton Bourbeau – Turners Falls High School
  • Hannah Boyd – Ralph C. Mahar Regional School
  • Allison Sauvageau Lull – Mohawk Trail Regional High School
FCTS Adams Scholarship

Franklin County Technical School winners of the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship and their parents and guardians recently attended a breakfast in their honor at the FCTS Apprentice Restaurant, prepared by the school’s Culinary Arts program staff and students.

Twenty nine seniors were awarded the Adams Scholarship, which provides a tuition waiver for eight consecutive semesters of undergraduate education at a Massachusetts state college or university for students who score at the advanced and proficient levels on the grade 10 MCAS tests in English and Math. To qualify for the scholarship, students must also have a combined score that puts them in the top 25 percent of all scores in their district.

The names and towns of the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship recipients are:

  • Aleksandr Baraban – Greenfield
  • Ryan Bezio – Gill
  • Hayley Black – Montague
  • Trevor Blake – Northfield
  • Daniel Charest – Bernardston
  • Avram Cox – Leyden
  • Vincent Croteau – Greenfield
  • Scott Dodge – Greenfield
  • Cheyenne Edwards – Greenfield
  • Alex Giurgiu – Greenfield
  • Nathan Hall – Whately
  • Zebulun Herzig – Greenfield
  • Graham Hsu – Montague
  • Brian Johnson – Northfield
  • Henry Kilanski – Montague
  • Kathryn Koshinsky – Orange
  • Sarah Koshinsky – Orange
  • Peter Krejmas III – Greenfield
  • Kevin Leh – Orange
  • Tyler Millane – Montague
  • Kyle Paulson – Northfield
  • Gabrielle Roy – Montague
  • Gabrielle Santucci – Montague
  • Brandan Tarbox – Wendell
  • Evan Terault – Montague
  • Zaviere Washington – Greenfield
  • Jenna Williams – Leverett
  • Jaime-Lyn Young – Orange
  • Charles Zilinski – Erving
Food Drive

The Fifth Annual Franklin County Technical School Food Drive is currently underway, and all students, faculty, staff, and administrators are urged to make donations.

Proceeds from the Food Drive will again benefit the Family Inn in Greenfield. The Food Drive will last through December 17, with students from the National Honor Society making delivery to the Family Inn on or around December 19.

Barbara Williams, Food Drive organizer, said making a donation can have a lasting impact on people’s lives beyond the Food Drive. She remembers a student who has since graduated who one year donated a box of food because he said food drives helped his family in times of need.

“It’s very important to donate,” Williams said. “We see a lot of people here at the school who could probably benefit from the food drive. This time of year can be tough for a lot of people. Everybody coming together really helps. I look forward to coming to school in the morning and finding bags of food outside the door. It’s like Christmas every day.”

A list of suggested food items is below, but please donate anything you can. In addition, paper products are always welcome, along with toothpaste, shampoo and soap.

Dates Students Adults
November 10-14 Can of peas Jar of peanut butter
November 17-21 Can of tuna fish Spaghetti sauce
November 24-28 Can of corn Jar of mayonnaise
December 1-5 1 lb. of pasta Box of cereal
December 8-12 Can of beans Box of rice
December 15-17 Can of soup Paper product
Art Club

Artistic students now have an outlet for their creativity in the newly created Art Club.

Students interested in art felt the loss of the school’s art program, but with the new club, they are back to creating art, and will participate in art shows, visit artist studios and museums, create tee shirts, and create a comic book, among other projects.

The Art Club, which meets after school on Tuesdays, was the idea of Programming and Web Development teacher Marcus McLaurin, who was once an art teacher. McLaurin approached school administrators about the idea for the club and earned their enthusiastic support.

“I think it’s important for kids to have access to art and a place to create art,” McLaurin said. “This is a labor of love for me. It’s a matter of making sure the kids have the ability to be creative.”

The current members of the Art Club are President Chelsea Perras, Vice President Whitney Huber-Browning, Secretary Ivy Cross, Jamie Young, Danielle Rollins, Jennifer Yeglinski, and Amelia Herron-Clark.

McLaurin said the Art Club is open to any and all students, and they can join at any time.

“A lot of kids don’t know there’s an Art Club,” he said. “It’s open to students from every shop. They can bring their ideas and creativity and create the kind of art they’re interested in doing.”

Among the styles of art students can participate in are painting, drawing, cartooning, sculpture, photography, and more.

Huber-Browning, a Programming and Web Development student from Northfield, is an artist who creates Japanese Manga-style drawings, and was eager to join the group as soon as it was formed.

“Even though we don’t have an art class, I still wanted to be involved in art at school,” she said. “I thought making tee shirts would be cool, and I’m looking forward taking field trips.”

A Health Technology student from Turners Falls, Cross said she always drew pictures for fun, and is in the process of doing a painting to enter into a January student art show to be held at Artspace Community Arts Center in Greenfield.

“I heard this club was going on and I was very interested in joining,” she said. “I’m really interested in the art show.”

Yeglinski, a Business Technology student from Greenfield, is a member of the girls volleyball team, so she had to wait until the season was over to join the Art Club. Now that she’s a member, she’s eager to take field trips to studios and museums, as well as work on drawing.

“As long as I have the freedom to do art, I’m happy to have the opportunity,” Yeglinski said. “I like it as long as I’m going to see creative art.”

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