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About Bullying

If you have questions or concerns regarding possible bullying, FCTS has two forms that can be submitted. One, a PDF form that can be downloaded, completed and mailed or delivered to Principal Martin, and an on-line form that will be emailed to Principal Martin when completed and submitted.

The FCTS Bullying Plan document details the issues/process regarding bullying and reporting. Take the time to ready through this important document. If you have further questions, you can email Principal Martin.

Thank you for your involvement.

Download Bullying Intervention Plan

Reporting Bullying Incidents

Reports of bullying or retaliation may be made by staff, students, parents or guardians, or others, and may be oral or written. Oral reports made by or to a staff member will be recorded in writing. A school or district staff member is required to report immediately to the Dean of Students and/or Principal any instance of bullying or retaliation the staff member becomes aware of or witnesses. Reports made by students, parents or guardians, or other individuals who are not school or district staff members, may be made anonymously.

The involvement of administration, staff, students and parents can help to prevent bullying. Together we can provide a safe school environment.

Report Bulling
Online Form

Click below to load and submit the online bullying report form.

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Report Bullying

Click below to download the paper Bullying Report form (pdf).

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Bullying and
Intervention Plan


Click below to download Bullying Intervention Plan (pdf).

Download PDF

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