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U.S. History 1 Students Field Trip to Old Sturbridge Village

Thursday June 5th from 8:15 -4:30 PM

US History I Students Field Trip to Old Sturbridge Village

Imagine you are living in a village in 1838 Massachusetts. Outsiders appear and ask you to sign a petition to the US Congress requesting they abolish slavery in the capital, Washington, DC.

These outsiders are our freshmen students at FCTS who, on June 5th, will be trying to get the resident historians at Old Sturbridge Village to sign their petition.

This is an exciting immersion into living history for our freshmen. They will have prepared in their classes reading and analyzing primary documents to make period-appropriate arguments with the villagers who will make it very difficult to get their signature. Students will enjoy a day outside of the normal classroom routine.

Old Sturbridge Village is a living, breathing, vibrant village depicting life in New England from 1790-1840. Visitors can meet historians in costume and tour 40 antique buildings, including a country store, school, and water-powered mills.

Please be sure to sign the pink permission slip as soon as possible. The cost of the trip is $10 but no student will be refused participation as we have some limited scholarships by request.

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