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English Language Arts at Franklin County Technical School

Franklin County Technical School operates on an alternating week schedule with one week in academic classes and one week in a vocational program. During the academic week students take a core curriculum of English, mathematics, science and social studies courses along with electives and certain required courses. Depending on the subject area, these courses may be for one period of approximately 42 minutes each day or a double period of 90 minutes. All English classes, 9th and 10th grade mathematics and 10th grade biology are double periods.

The alternate week schedule rotates throughout the year so that a student spends about a half-year in academic and a half-year in shop. Successful completion of this dual program leads to both an academic diploma and a certificate of technical proficiency.

Due to the nature of scheduling students in an environment with dual weeks, the range of choices for courses is targeted to high achievement with the state assessment and each student’s career and college plan.

Counselors play an active role in determining each student’s academic schedule each year and welcome questions from parents. The contact for each counselor is on our website.

Our academic courses are developed with instructors and much of the curriculum authorized by the administration is developed by the instructors delivering the course. This results in higher quality instruction, currency of content and continual updates.

Teachers for each course do not limit dialogue with parents and stakeholders to student performance but encourage dialogue about content, methodology, and standards in each course. The contact information for each academic teacher is on our website and parents or guardians are encouraged to initiate a dialogue with our faculty.

All students in the English Language Arts program at the Franklin County Technical School receive instruction for four years.


All students in the English Language Arts program at the Franklin County Technical School receive instruction for four years. The program places an emphasis on skills acquisition, exposing students to language, writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Our courses’ common curricular goals are aligned with the guiding principles of the 2011 Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for English Language Arts and Literacy.

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  • Posted: April 30, 2015

Please congratulate Avi Cox (a senior in Health Technology and a student in my English class). A poem of his recently won top honors for the youth category in this year's county-wide Poet's Seat Poetry Contest!

Click the button below to download his sestina, "An Argument for Bacon".

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