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Tech Connect 2015

  • When: July 13th-30th, 2015
  • Mon-Thurs 9:00-12:00
  • Where: Franklin County Tech School
  • Cost: $80/week

Mike Rowe, popular TV host of “Dirty Jobs” and founder of mikeroweWORKS Foundation is frightened that our youth today in the US are totally disconnected from work, its pleasures, rewards, dirt, and frustration. He has vocalized an impending disaster constructed of unfilled, highly-paid skilled jobs, monumental college debt (exceeding $1 trillion in March 2014), and disconnected industry and educational delivery system. In addition, there are class and gender boundaries that are hard to define and difficult to confront: why aren’t more women in certain manufacturing industries? Why is it uncomfortable for college educated parents to share the passion their son has to be a structural welder (earning a benefitted $80K per year)?

To register for Tech Connect 2015, read through the course descriptions below. Pay careful attention to the weeks that each course is offered. Click on the button at the end to either download a PDF form which you can fill out, or to go to the online registration page.

Part of the mission of the Franklin County Technical School is to connect students to a “future of successful careers and technical and intellectual curiosity.” In this way, we support TechConnect, an initiative begun in 2009 by former Superintendent Richard Lane and former Director of Curriculum & Instruction John Carey.

If you have multiple children you'd like to register, you must submit individual registrations for each. Classes are filled on a first-come first-served basis. Every attempt will be made to accomodate your child's choice for each week. If you do not see a course offered in the online registration form, this means the course is full or not offered that week.

Using the high-quality facilities and faculty at FCTS, we currently are in our fifth year of offering high quality, half-day, summer time activities designed to immerse students into an age-appropriate world of hands-on, real-life experiences. All of them have direct connection to careers and occupations and the major assessment outcome for each week is to create new excitement and curiosities in the minds of our area’s 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Please note, a minimum of five students must enroll in order for a class to run.

If a program is fully enrolled, you may e-mail to be placed on the waiting list. Final determination of program enrollment will take place Friday, June 5th at 3 PM. For a student to be considered fully enrolled, payment in full must be received in full prior to June 1st, 2015. Checks may be payable to "FCTS" and can be mailed or dropped off in the school's Business Office.

Course Descriptions

Working with Engines:

The two- and four-cycle engine is the center of attention in this program--and lawnmowers, snowblowers, trimmers, and chainsaws are the pieces of equipment that will be explored. With an emphasis on how these things work based on the internal-combustion process, kids in this session will have a chance to get their hands (and clothes) dirty. Basic safety awareness and environmental hazards, use of hand tools, and a fun inquiry into how things work will be the main objectives for all participants.
(Offered all 3 weeks - 8 students max.) p>

Machining & Computers:

CNC, stands for “Computer Numerically Controlled.” This program offers your child a way to understand the fundamentals of programming, like those used in robotics or any automated process. Our state of the art facility provides students with a way to tackle some introductory, take-home projects where they use computers to cut out shapes and designs according to their own set up. Students work from designs as well as from their own ingenuity and creativity!
(Offered all 3 weeks - 10 students max.)

Cooking for Kids
Participants in this course have the opportunity to use the school’s fully equipped kitchen lab under the guidance of a culinary professional. Your child will learn the fundamentals of three foundational culinary skills that participants can bring back to their own homes. More than just ‘cooking,’ this course focuses on providing an age-appropriate and hands’-on element of the ‘art’ in the culinary arts. Participants in this course without dietary restrictions are not required to bring lunch each day.
(Offered all 3 weeks - 10 students max.)
Cosmetology for Kids

An enthusiastic, licensed cosmetologist reveals to students the secrets of our hair, skin, and nails: how do we keep them healthy and looking good? Students will work with traditional products as well as natural products that can obtained from home, as well as learn the safety surrounding some methods and products in the cosmetology industry.
(Offered all 3 weeks - 10 students max.)

Game Programming for ‘Gamers’:

Using state-of-the-art software development tools, our Programming & Web Design faculty will lead students through the process to generate game sequences and with interactive features. This course shows students the basic principles of object-oriented programming and how kids can harness their creativity to design their own functional, simple games. Some additional discussion is devoted to emerging access to design applications for kids to continue to develop their interest.
(Offered 1 week only - 12 students max.)

Web Page Design

Using state-of-the-art computers and software tools, students will create, build and post a real website of their choice. Our Programming & Web Design faculty will show students how the world wide web works and how kids can harness their design creativity to create a website.
(Offered 2 weeks only - 12 students max.)

Build it with WOOD:

Our school’s modern, well-equipped cabinetry facility will enable young craftspeople to learn how a raw, un-planed board is transformed through a sequence of milling and joinery processes into a finished, take-home product that each participant can own and use for the rest of their lives. Ed Thorn, a master craftsmen specializing in custom cabinetry, brings his upbeat, encouraging personality along with highly organized and safety-mindedness to create one of the most popular summer courses at Tech Connect.
(Offered all 3 weeks - 10 students max.)

Amazing Science Activities:

Dedicated Science staff will lead students through hands-on science activities that are out-of-the-ordinary and just plain fun! Prepared to be amazed while exploring basic tenets of experimentation and exploration in the scientific process.
(Offered all 3 weeks - 10 students max.)

Click to Register Online for Tech Connect 2015       OR       Click to Download the PDF registration form
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