Franklin County Technical School Business Office


To:††††††† Culinary Arts Department

From:††† Russ Kaubris, Business Manager

CC:†††††† Lloyd Szulborski, Curriculum Director

Date:†††† 10/01/2003

Re:††††††† Cash Receipts Procedures

            Customers bring their guest checks to the cash register for payment. The cash register is manned by a culinary arts student & supervised by a culinary instructor (Helen Woznakewicz).

            Due to the cash registerís use as a learning tool, cashing out and reconciling to the tape is not viewed as a worthwhile procedure. Students have difficulty processing void transactions in the register, especially when the register is used for practice transactions as well as customer transactions.

            To reconcile the dayís receipts, an adding machine tape of the dayís guest checks will be reconciled to cash in the register. The reconciliation will be reviewed by a culinary instructor (Paul Abbey) and logged into a daily receipts cashbook. The cashbook will be subtotaled to reflect the total amount being deposited that day.

            A bank deposit slip is prepared by the culinary instructor(s) and the daily receipts are placed into a secure bank bag and locked. The culinary department and the bank hold keys to the bag. When the locked bag is delivered to the business office a receipt is issued to acknowledge the bag # being dropped off. The business office can not count and confirm the money being dropped off, the confirmation will come to the business office as a bank receipt after the deposit is processed by the bank.

            Treasury personnel from the business office take deposits to the bank on a regular basis.

            Monthly revenue reports will be provided to the culinary department by the business office.

            An inventory system will be used for bakery products sold in the restaurant. Money from the bakery cash register will be reconciled to the amount of product sold per the inventory sheet.

            Guest checks, receipt logs and adding machine tapes will be kept for at least 3 years.