Franklin County Technical School Business Office


To:††††††† Cosmetology Department

From:††† Russ Kaubris, Business Manager

CC:†††††† Lloyd Szulborski, Curriculum Director

Date:†††† 10/01/2003

Re:††††††† Cash Receipts Procedures

            Customers review a prenumbered, preprinted form listing the services and prices offered by the cosmetology shop. The customer selects the service(s) to be performed and signs the form.

            A cosmetology student at the front desk of the cosmetology shop receives Cash/Checks. The student logs the form # from the customerís service sheet as well as marking down the amount paid and method of payment (cash or check) on the daily receipts form.

            To reconcile the dayís receipts, the student reconciles the daily receipts sheet to the customer sheets and to the cash collected. The dayís receipts are brought to the business office where they are receipted again on a business office receipt form. The money and checks are incorporated into the business office cash drawer.

            On a weekly basis, money in the business office cash drawer is prepared for deposit. Treasury personnel in the business office bring the deposit to the bank and log the deposit into the treasurerís cashbook.

            Periodic revenue reports will be provided to the culinary department by the business office.

            A prenumbered, preprinted products sheet should be created similar to the customer services form. Cash received will be handled in the same manner as above.

            An inventory system should be used for cosmetology products used in the shop. Money should be reconciled to the amount of product sold per the inventory sheet.

            Customer service sheets, product sheets, daily receipt sheets and adding machine tapes will be kept for at least 3 years.