Auto Technology Shop



  1. The customer must sign all work orders before any work is to be done on the vehicle.
  2. The work order is to remain with the vehicle (windshield or dashboard) until completion of work.
  3. Any work on your own, or relative’s vehicle must be approved by the curriculum director (or other designated administrator) before work commences on the vehicle.
  4. Lube, oil, and filter (L.O.F.) minimum charge is $20.00.
  5. A materials charge should be added to a work order whenever expendable supplies are used in addition to the normal service charge of 15% over cost of retail parts.
  6. An environmental charge should be added whenever waste (oil, fluids, or antifreeze) is recovered for safe disposal.
  7. All addition on slips should be double-checked.
  8. No budget items should be purchased through blanket P.O.’s. For example, anything that is part of the instructional program should be purchased through a separate P.O.
  9. Replenishment stock for items you keep on hand (bulbs, wipers, oil, filters, etc.) should be purchased by separate P.O. (not a blanket P.O.) so that costs can be isolated.
  10. Annually the shop must do an inventory of equipment and tools to be submitted to administration.  Stock items (#9 above) must also be inventoried as a loss control measure.
  11. Invoices should be cross-referenced to work orders.  Invoices charged to the revolving fund for stock items to be used on customer cars should be marked as such.