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Culinary Arts at FCTS

Culinary Arts Activities

The focus of the Culinary Arts program is
on the general study of cooking, baking,
customer service and management related
to restaurants, hotels, and institutions. The
program is designed to prepare individuals
for a variety of jobs in the
hospitality industry.

Through constant observation and
instruction, students perform “hands on”
tasks in one of the three shop areas:
the range, the bakery and the dining room.

The Apprentice Restaurant provides a
realistic training site preparing students
to plan, supervise and work in food
and beverage preparation, service operations
and restaurant facilities. The students learn a
variety of management functions while
working in the dining room.

Upon graduation, students may choose to
further their training at one of the many culinary schools, colleges or seek
employment within the hospitality industry.

The Apprentice

Students choosing Culinary Arts as
their career option learn the many facets of
the ins-and-outs of the food industry through the most authentic learning experience,
the operation of the fully functioning
Apprentice Restaurant.

The Apprentice Restaurant is a popular
eatery in Turners Falls. Serving hundreds of
customers throughout the school year,
students learn it all: baking, cooking,
prep work, serving, setup, busing, greeting,
money management, inventory cost
assessment, sanitation, safety,
customer service, and more.

Through solid classroom instruction and the
daily operation of the Apprentice
Restaurant, students truly learn the food industry trade. The Apprentice Restaurant is outfitted with commercial appliances, ranges, ovens and freezers. Cooking stations are
staffed by students under the watchful eyes
of Chef Ben Pike.

In the house area, students are directed by Helen Woznakewicz who strives to make
the customer experience pleasurable and satisfactory. Students learn strong customer relations skills through direct interaction
with the public.

The Apprentice Restaurant is open
Tuesday through Friday on most
school days from 11:00 to 12:40. The daily
menu, posted on this site, offers a wide range
of delicious lunches - and not to be overlooked, a brightly lit bakery case filled with tasty items made by Brenda Fortin's students.

Special Activities

Students in the Culinary Arts program
participate in a number of special events
throughout their years in the program. These
events vary, but include catering and serving
the Franklin County Chamber of
breakfast, the Franklin/ Hampshire County Superintendent Technology Meeting and Luncheon and
even training in creating ice sculptures.

Additionally, Culinary Arts students have successfully competed in cake decorating contests and SkillsUSA regional, state and national competitions.

Skills Required in the Culinary Arts Trade

  1. o Ability to work with others in a team effort
  2. o Interest in serving the needs of the customer
  3. o Dependablity
  4. o Promptness
  5. o Good personal habits
  6. o Artistic skills and imagination helpful

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email The Apprentice Restaurant.

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